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There are many kinds of record in DNS server. These records are the main data in DNS server. In RaidenDNSD, you can setup these records easily via GUI.

To add domain or sub domain, just click [New Domain] or [Wizard] to create. After the domain created, you should mouse right click to add records for the domain.

Explanations for several important records:

SOA Record (essential): Start of Authority. The SOA record is the basic record of a domain. SOA record includes some important information you need to know, such as:

Main Name Server: To declare which server is main name server(dns server).

Responsible Email Address: Declare which email address is admin's email.

Serial Number: The sequence modification number. The number must be increased progressively when the domain data is modified.


A Record (essential): Address Record. Any record in DNS Server must also be an address record. Address record declares the IP address for the fully qualified domain name (FQDN).

NS Record (essential): Name Server Record. Name server record declares which server hosts the domain data. Name server is also dns server.

MX Record: Mail Exchanger Record. MX record declares which server is mail server of a domain. A domain can have more than one MX record and ordered by preference number (lesser preference is higher priority, 0 is the highest priority).

TXT Record: TEXT Record. TXT record declares text information for the domain. It is always to store SPF info.

CName Record: Canonical Name Record.



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