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RaidenDNSD - super DNS server

RaidenDNSD DNS Server is the easiest DNS Server. You can install it with several mouse clicks, and then set up your domain records even you did not have any experiences about DNS software.

Of course, before installing RaidenDNSD, we suggest that you have to get a domain name, then you can evaulate the powerful functions of RaidenDNSD after you install it.

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Basic features of RaidenDNSD

Basic funtions required by RFC 1035 - Most popular resource records which defined in RFC 1035 (DNS), and the rules defined for domain transfer (AXFR) are implemented in RaidenDNSD. The only one exception is WKS record, because the editing procedures for the WKS record are too complicated, and besides WKS is not usually used, so WKS is the only skipped record.

Graphic User Interface console
- The UI contains the main console, the configurations of the server, management for user accounts, management for IP which to provide DNS service, remote control feature, single step domain wizard, domain diagnose tool (Beta), and editor for various resource reocrd.

Support Windows OS
- Support 2000/2003/XP, from RaidenDNSD version 1.2, the service is separted from the UI. With this action, any exception from UI operations can be prevented to keep the DNS consistance. From RaidenDNSD version 1.3, we stop the support for Windows 98/ME. Because since Microsoft(c) stopped the support for Windows 98/ME, so that the security of the system will become risky, without the security patches, DNS will expose under the attact from crackers, that will be very dangerous.

In the other hand, Windows 98/ME does not support the Windows System Service, therefore, the consistance from RaidenDNSD 1.3 can not be promised. That's why we stop the support for Windows 98/ME.

Multi-language support
- English, Traditional/Simpified Chinese are embedded in the executable, RaidenDNSD 1.31 (or later) will open the language file definition for users to define your language. (Of course, except the embedded languages)

RaidenDNSD security
Detail audit system (LOG) - RaidenDNSD will record each and every inquery, including the IP address of the client, which record is queried? When does the query execute, and how long RaidenDNSD take to response. With the log data, we can analysis the behaviors to indicate the potential crackers, and which IP is the host used by the crackers.

Remote control with web interface. - In most time, staffs of MIS dept. need to monitor the servers in the machine room. For security issue, that's necessary. But who knows, sometimes we will need to monitor the server or process the procedures outside of the machine room. E.g., your boss is on the phone, he just grabs you on the phone to solve some situations, or you are discussing with the ISP's stafss, or you are going out for business. With the situations, you must need the remote control.

RaidenDNSD provides a remote control with web interface, the interface is very simiplar to the resource record editor which embedded in RaidenDNSD's UI. The staffs of MIS can use the UI to manage the DNS.

Assign various permissions to remote control account - If you provided the domain host service, you can create a remote control account for the customer to modify domain resource records by himself/herself. RaidenDNSD provides the permission restriction feature, you can assign different permission to different account. The account might be "Domain Controllor", to have to right to create/modify records, with/without the permission to create sub domain. The combination of permission of the accounts provide you to fit all need of your consumers.

performance and network features of RaidenDNSD
Brand new data structure and storage structure - From the very first version of RaidendDNSD 1.3, all data structures were created from the bottom, therefore, the speed of storaging ther resource record or to query the domain tree is much faster than older version. In the elder vesion of RaidenDNSD, if client request to search a domain record in 1000 domains, each query will take 7 searches (average) to 14 searches (worst case), but in version 1.3, it takes only once. The speed of response is 10 times faster than any elder version.

You can decide if permit OpenDNS query - In the past, DNSReport will warn about OpenDNS for your DNS server. That means any cracker or user can query the record which is not controlled by your DNS from your DNS server. That sounds not harmful, but try to imagine, if your DNS server always cache the records which are not managed by you, then the RAM of your server will be taken by these trash record. That will be huge cost.

Moreover, if cracker attact your DNS server with DoS, and then take over the role as your DNS server, any sensetive data of your mail, customers' information will be taken, and you will feel nothing.

Hence, RaidenDNSD version 1.3 open the configuration, if set the permission, up to you.

Support multiple IP addresses - If there are multiple NICs or IP addresses in your server, you will love RaidenDNSD. RaidenDNSD supports multiple IP addresses, you can choose only one, or specific some IP addresses for DNSD to provide the service.
最容易使用的ftp server

Run as Windows service (except Windows 98/ME) - From RaidenDNSD version 1.202, I seperated the UI and service engine. When user install RaidneDNSD, the install program will install the Windows service "DNSDService.exe". From 1.3, while installing/uninstalling, the service will be installed/uninstalled automatically. Hence, you don't have to worry about the interruption of DNS service when the system is reboot. (p.s., RaidendDNSD stopped the support for Windows 98 and Windows ME)

Dynamic IP user can have A record with DNSD Client - In recently years, ADSL and Cable modem poped up as the main stream of last mile to families. But most ISPs provide users dynamic IP addresses with basic fee, and fix IP address with expensive price. Therefore, how to provide the users who use dynamic IP addresses to have domain name, and let dynamice IP user can provide Web site service/Mail service is the point we work for.

RaidenDNSD provides free client program, as long as you use the enterprise edition or education edition of RaidenDNSD, you can redistribute the client program to your dynamic IP users/friends, and then you can host their domain, they can update their A record with the client program automatically.

Domain diagnose tool, you can check if you set all necessary domain records at any time - There are a lot of DNS users who usually ignore or miss some domain resource record configuration behaviors. For example, the serial number of SOA record, a suggestion format is listed in RFC. With the reason, From 2003 end, was launched, which provides users diagnose the domain configuration, and list warn or error as the result of diagnose.

What you have to do is to key in your domain name, it will query all necessary resource records from your DNS or TLD-DNS. But all the diagnose result is english, and most of the descriptions are technical terms. It's very diffcult to understand for end-users. Therefore, RaidenDNSD version 1.204 (and later) add a similar feature, your can detect your domain just through the UI of RaidenDNSD to get the result and suggestion.

Of course, all report and suggestion can be translated into different language. With HTML format report, users can read the report from browser, and the native language. (Language feature will be released in 1.31 or later)

Multilanguage - The multilanguage feature of RaidenDNSD will provide users to define all messages of the system, not only UI, but remote control interface, diagnose report, the language message will apply pure text file (with Unicode), you can also define the RaidenDNSD resource file for your native language, if the resource file was certified by RaidenDNSD, your name will be titled on RaidenDNSD offcial website with the download page.

Widecast can be used in resource record - you can use wide cast (*) in the resource record (A record only). Widecast will make lead all A record to the result. If you wish to save your time to set up the domain records, widecast will be the best choice. Once you have a widecast A record, all response for querying A record will contain the result.


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