The differences between the edition and prices.

Trial editon: The DNS service will stop for 20 mins, every time the RaidenDNSD is running for 30 mins. After 20 mins passed, the DNS function will be recovered. In the duration DNS service is stopped, the UI can still operate the DNS configuration or resource record management.




Authoried entities
For all entities, all purposes.
39.95 USD

79.95 USD

Force to stop service
Remote control
Available (20 accounts)
Provide dynamic ip client feature 
Available, share the 20 accounts of remote control
If the number of account is extendable 
If upgade to upper edition?
Upgradable, to enterprise edition.
Extend account number only.
The number of authorization
Single machine
Single machine

What you can get with registering RaidenDNSD?

1. Dedicate register code, to unleashed the restriction by trial edition, and that will be available forever.

2. Update to new version of RaidenDNSD forever.

3. Get Email technical support.

4. Free DNSD Client software, for your consumers to update the dynamic IP (Education edition and Enterprise edition only)


Accounts extension pack

20 accounts for 9.95 USD




Process duration About one day, we also process in holiday.
payment tool Credit card (Global)

Four benefits for buying RaidenDNSD now:

Support original and legal software software
- With E-Mail or BBS forum, all questions will be answered very soon.
- No more stop service every 30 mins.

It's good timing to register - The earlier you register, the more you earn

- We will extent the features of software, with the feature raising, the price will be modified later.
- The earlier you register, you can get lower price with all new features.
DNS experter service
- DNSD support all the standard defined in RFC 1034, RFC 1035.
- We serviced various of consumers, with rich experiences, we can find the question very soon.
You have our promise.
- We promise that we will fix all kind of software, make you manage your domain quickly.
- We promise that we will keep going to enhance the features of RaidenDNSD, you will get the latest version free.

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