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[RaidenDNSD System]
-Multiple servers in one process
-Multiple domains support
-Compatible with NT/2000/Xp/2003/Vista (98 & ME are not supported from 1.3)
-Runs as Win2000/2003/XP/Vista system service
-Anti-D.O.S. system
-Multi threads core
-Uncrackable executable protection
-Multiple languages interface , English , Chinese (Simpified & Traditional)
-GUI, Service (Help file is not done yet.)
-Taskbar icon
-Fully functional without registration.

[IP Configuration]
-Supports for Multi-IPs server
-Supports Dynamic IP Client. (It's required for server)
-Supports server running behind NAT (NAT has to support packet forwarding)
-Possible to use fixed IP to offer DATA connections only.

[Users & Groups]
-Account enable/disable
-Skip max users limit on server
-Remote accounts administration

[Security System]
-User accounts with level attribute , different domains can be assigned to particular account(s).

[User Interface]
-Remote user editor
-Domain single wizard
-Domain Tree viewer
-Domain record editor
-Domain Diagnose Tool (beta)
-DNS configuration tool.

[LOG System]
-Log filename rotation (weekly , monthly , yearly)
-Weekly/Monthly statistic data
-Built-in graphical LOG analyzer (1.31 or later will be released)

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